Virtual Party; Grassroots incarnation for common decency

I have never been truly engaged by the LAB, LNP, GREENS or mainstream media.  Their narrow ideologies, antiquated philosophies and hierarchal structures have left me cold. The lesser of evils has never been an option.

The current political hegemony of Democratic Capitalism is not congruent with social reality. #Marchinmarch dramatically highlighted this point. I for one felt the honesty of such a grassroots movement in my bones. The rise of a #VirtualParty is a natural metamorphosis in the political process. The current system is broken and it proposes that it can fix the problems it has created by using the tools of a broken system! This by definition is a form of delusional insanity.

I think Robert Buckminster Fuller said it best; If you don’t like the current version of reality tear it down and start again, create your own! The time has come for a new voice to be heard in the political wilderness. We are not your nemesis mainstream, we are inevitable, irrefutable, a physical reaction to the systemic failure of the status quo.

Our nature is inclusion, equality, hope, transparency, minorities, honesty, synergy, renewable energy, engagement, debate, science, global citizenship and respect.

We are nothing new because we are me and you! A simple vote for common decency!

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