Some thoughts on some issues

These are, I should stress, my thoughts and my thoughts alone.  In other words they definitely do not represent any formal position of the Virtual Party.  In fact, the Virtual Party doesn’t yet have formal positions on anything, because we don’t yet have a system by which participants can register their preferences by way of a vote.  Instead, this is just one person’s opinions and I’m simply putting them in front of you to get a reaction and, perhaps, to spur you to respond – in righteous indignation, enthusiastic concurrence or anything in between.

The balance of this post is some ideas for topics we could discuss.  I hope, when I get the chance, to expand of these each into its own post, but they will initially exist only here, as the labels of potential ideas, nothing more (Although I have started expanding the Web Democracy post)

I hope you enjoy them.

Peter Bayley

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