Party Objectives: The government is here for a term, the people are here for life and the decisions of government should reflect this. draft

The aim of the Virtual Party is to offer, for all Australians a true democracy not the current perverse sense of democracy which, currently works for politicians and party lines and against the people of Australia.
All people will have the opportunity to vote on almost all points before the government. The only items which will not be offered through this system of voting are those relating to national security where the exposure would leave our country open to a disadvantage security risk in a global field. You will have the ability to vote for or against all domestic policies and laws which would come before the government.
Initially, we will try to bring pressure to bear on members of the government and mainstream parties to vote as you the public have asked/indicated would be your preference.
If this fails to achieve the desired objective/results, we will seek to assist the election of an independent candidate who is willing to take your voice before the government.
If this option also fails to reach the desired result, we will register as a political party in its own right and seek suitable candidates to run for seats/office where your voice will be our voice ensuring our mantra of a true and free democracy will vote accordingly.
The Australian Constitution says, an elected member will re-present on behalf of the people. Over many years and many governments this simple yet crucial phrase has been perverted in the vested interest of politicians and parties to read, the member will represent the people. The difference between these two phrases is that they are miles apart in interpretation. Currently, once you elect a member, your voice is lost for the term of the government. The party policy must be adhered to by any member of the party. If your views differ from the patties view you are ignored and try as you may through demonstrations, petitions etc. you have no voice and no way to change that which you have a right to change. Your views and or dissent have no effect. Promises are lies in waiting.
Example: In recent surveys the Australian people have been asked if they would support same sex marriage. Although this is a philosophical and an emotional issue, more than 80% of Australians were of the affirmative in acceptance. Yet, the government refused to make the necessary amendments and accept the will of the people. The church and the state collude and conspire to prevent democracy and to refuse your right to have change.
We will not prevent you from being progressive but support your desires for change, seeking to repeal unjust laws and amendments to the constitution which remove or restrict your rights but only if the Australian public/citizens numbers support those changes and repeals.
The separation between state and church along with affiliations with big business and unions will not happen under our banner. No contributions to campaign funds be accepted by business interests or unions, we will remain independent to all interest except those of the Australian people.
Ladies and Gentlemen, This is true Democracy.

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