Mission Statement: draft

Points: – 1) transparency – The web site will show the number of people who voted in the affirmative and the negative for each item before the public for voting
2) Democracy – We vote how you have asked us to vote. Not the way of a party line (as there is no party line with in the Virtual Party, it is a true democracy). We do not vote for what we believe is the best action to take but as the numbers for the affirmative have shown or told us is the desired action of the people.
3) Pros and Cons debate papers – Groups from either side of an argument will be asked to submit papers outlining the reason they are for and against issues to be voted on. These papers will be published on the web site for all members of the public to read before you make cast your vote for action to be taken by the party.
4) An Open Party – We will take on board any ideas or issues you want raised and addressed through forum pages on our web site. Items which raise sufficient interests and awareness will be elevated to points we will take on the people’s behalf, to the government. Your passion and your ability to raise awareness will be key to getting sufficient votes to have your issues elevated to item 3) pros and Cons section of the web site.

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