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To understand what this site is attempting to do, you can read my first post “Welcome to the Virtual Party” as an introduction to the whole idea of a “virtual” party.

We have a Blog area where you can create your own magnificent Posts and comment on other people’s attempts at same. We also have a Forum area lovingly maintained by Lady Fly (@beforeyoucanfly). Please visit the forums and chat with other scintillating fellow travellers on a wide range of topics. Access is via the menu at the top of the page.

Some necessary housekeeping: I was hoping to make this site freely available for people to blog and comment on but the forces of greed have intervened.  I am already receiving many comments each day which are spam, advertising cheap shoes or whatever.  If I let people comment freely, the web site would quickly become unusable.  Therefore, I need to check that a comment is a real one before “letting it through”.   Once you have one comment allowed, further comments are not held up. This also means you have to register before you can comment. Again apologies but the greedy low-lives in this world make this, unfortunately, a requirement. So, although I  don’t like those “Your comment is waiting to be moderated” messages as much as the next man, it seems our more entrepreneurial colleagues make some sort of gate an unfortunate necessity.  I’ll try and get to the Comments page regularly and let slip the valid dogs of commentary with appropriate alacrity.

Hope you understand and can find the time to both comment and contribute 🙂


Peter Bayley

3 thoughts on “Please Read Me”

  1. Excited to have joined this party. Thank you for making it possible. There is much to do and I am willing to work hard.

    My background is in Industrial Relations, Union Industrial Officer, and Advocacy, Communications and Media. I have also worked for many years in Human Resource Management in a variety of professions in cities, regional and remote communities around Australia. Prior to all this I was a Youth Worker and Community Development worker for 12 years. I have worked in Aboriginal Medical Services for Aboriginal Controlled Community organisations. I have extensive experience in the policy development and lobbying. I have also been involved in law reform through test cases.

    I love to work with others to bring about grassroots generated change. I am currently poor, suffering from a “mystery” illness (as far as the medicos are concerned) from a tick bites, but I believe it is Lyme disease.

    I love my country and the Aussie people and wish to claim back the values of tolerance and a fair go from the evil clutches of economic rationalism. Dare to conquer, dare to win.

    1. Lovely to have you aboard and am looking forward to your input and constructive criticism. We may not yet have the answers but we’ve started the search 🙂

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