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Retired 67 Year young male a passion for progressive politics. Live in Western Australia Married with 2 sons, 6 grandchildren & 2 great grand daughters

Draft Environment Policy

Australia has a unique environment that is extremely fragile and needs protection. It includes the world heritage areas of Far North Queensland’s tropical rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef, the Southern Alpine Areas, the beautiful wilderness of the Kimberley & the deserts of Central Australia. Most of these environments are under threat from climate change & development.

We will deliver strong laws to protect these environments their flora and fauna.

We will wOrk with international organisations to move to a sustainable global economy.

A price will be placed on carbon pollution that reflects the social costs of that pollution.

All fossil fuel subsidies will be phased out.

Money raised from the carbon price and withdrawal of fossil fuel subsidies will be used to fund renewable energies including solar, wind & wave energy. This will create thousands of jobs in renewable energy manufacturing that could be exported globally.

No new coal mines or coal mining infrastructure will be developed. Existing coal mines & other fossil fuel mining including coal seam gas will be phased out.

Buildings Regulation.
Building regulations will be introduced to make sure all homes & commercial buildings are properly insulated & have solar panels & hot water systems. Excess energy produced will be bought at the wholesale price of electricity.

Regulations will be introduced to encourage fuel efficient cars & trucks & eventually electric or other non polluting vehicles. The use of public transport will be encouraged & cars banned from central city areas. Bicycle paths will separate cars from bicycles. Networks of bicycle paths will be developed including racks & showers at convenient locations. Most rail lines will be electrified & powered by renewable energy. Long distance freight will be by rail. Fast electric trains will carry passengers between major cities. Aircraft will use biofuels.