The Virtual Party is an on-going discussion among a group of like-minded people addressing the intersection of democratic political systems and social media. Our mix is probably characterised as centre-left or rationally-compassionate as I prefer to call it, but we hope to be a broad (secular) church.

Please feel free to browse around our blogs and forums,  register or introduce yourself and then contribute or just read and comment.

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  1. G’day All

    Interesting concept that looks well worth being involved with – so here I am. Labor has lost it’s way, I’m a fan of the Greens but I’m not sure they have the right policy mix to keep the country going – big business is a neccessary evil. Clive interests me in some ways – not in terms of policy so much, more in terms of shaking things up and helping destroy the 2 party system that has reached it’s use by date.

    Couple of things come to mind on my first look at the site – don’t rush it and build numbers before moving forward too much. Yes have the discussions, debates, arguments but leave the formal policy development until the numbers have grown


    1. Welcome Paul 🙂

      Good point on the policy development thing. We’re a bit lacking in numbers, and even more so in participation! But we’ll get there. Have a look around and feel free to jump in anywhere you like 🙂

  2. My first comments on this site. As a disaffected middle of the road ALP voter, and an adamant opponent of the current policies of the LNP, my search for an alternative has brought me here. I look forward to sharing what little I may contribute in ideas, and learning from the information I read.

    1. Welcome Nelly (Nell?) Please put your ideas forward. I hope people will read them and be constructive in their criticism. I’m interested in more-nuanced ways of coming to decisions that the binary, adversarial Westminster system. To do that we need to create an environment where people lend each other a hand of help rather than slap them down (we have twitter for that, after all :-). Perhaps I’m naive but I would really like to give it a try.

      1. Thank you Peter. I’m not sure that I’m ready to make comments of a concrete nature just yet. I have a lot of learning to do. My strong feeling is that our current political system is close approaching an oligarchy, and I would like to see a party evolving which would move us towards a better path. Democracy in it’s pure form, if there is such a thing, is what I am most familiar with, and probably most comfortable with, but is it now outmoded, or simply corrupted to the point where it has lost the respect it once commanded? A Virtual Party is one way of exploring this, and other options for me.

        1. We’re not into concrete here anyway 🙂 Opinions and discussion are number one. (That’s not to say we don’t want people with experience or education in the field to provide some insight, but we’re a democracy; with equal power to *all* people).

          Have a look around the blog and the forums (http://www.virtualparty.org.au/forums/) and feel free to jump in there or anywhere. We don’t bite 🙂 (not hard anyway :P)

  3. Perhaps we shouldn’t designate ourselves on the political spectrum too soon, if we want to represent the voices of as many people as possible?

    I would like to see diversity within the party. Extreme views can be tempered out by less extreme ones, the left by the right and vice versa. As long as people are coming to decisions having had the opportunity to review all evidence from all sides and aren’t basing it on prejudice and bigotry….

      1. Yeah I have. My initial comment on this post was originally part 2 of the first comment I put on the Web Democracy one, but I thought it was more appropriate to find issue with something in this post in a response to this post 😛 So I moved it here 🙂

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